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Try it, you might like it

11th October 2016

Every year I bemoan that Autumn seems to be upon us too quickly. The flip from warmer long days to gloomy skies and chillier winds. It certainly catches me out.


I wanted to share an inspiring training regime from a client who at this time of the year, seeks to try something different. Their regular season has come to a close, traditionally running, swimming and cycling, so while taking time to plan their schedule for the next year, they look for new activities to keep themselves sharp and use your muscles in a different way. Last years experience was Netball. This year he’s looking to play Basketball again after a 25 year absence stretching back to high school. He’s been inspired by Fab Flournoy and the Eagles!


As we plough on through the year, it’s all too easy to forget how many fantastic sports there are out there just waiting to be enjoyed. Some easier than others to pick up, but what’s for certain is that the learning experience will sharpen your mind and sharpen your fitness. And put a smile on your face as you embrace the test.


So here’s my challenge to you – try at least one “new” sport before Christmas. I’ll let you decide how you classify new. It would be great if you can share your experiences and inspire others to do the same.


Variety is the spice of life. #beyourbest


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