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Swim Bike Run

2nd June 2017

Triathlon season is upon us as the popularity of the sport continues to rise in the UK.

I’ve recently read Swim Bike Run by Ali and Johnny Brownlee, and as well as being a fascinating insight into their journey to London 2012, I was impressed with their approach to training and some of the factors which contributed to their success and continue to play a role in keeping them at the top. I’d advise grabbing the book if you get a chance, but if you haven’t, here’s what I liked about their story;

Team – we see the Brownlees as a partnership, pushing each other to the top. However around them, there are a number of friends and training partners who play significant roles in their success.

Variety – of course they have a plan for each week and an expectation of what they need to be doing. But they’re aren’t afraid to do different things to keep it interesting. They talk about fell running and mountain biking specifically which allow them to have different challenges.

Relaxed – I was surprised how their plans weren’t as precise or scientific, how they’d evolved over time based on availability and convenience. They knew how hard they needed to work and the miles they need to do, and had created schedules which worked around lives and were to a large extent, common sense. Their diets too had a degree of flexibility too. Yes, they probably couldn’t give too much away about some of their secrets, but they still had plenty of treats – most notably fish and chips!

Enjoyment – throughout there was a sense they were living the dream and enjoying the fundamentals of pushing themselves and being tested against the best. The media circus which surrounds the profile was an inconvenience. The simply loved the life that their athletic talent gave them.

And that’s about it!

I must be been receptive to Swim Bike Run athletes, as I noticed the exploits of former Olympic triathlete, Tim Don, who has progressed rather well over to Ironman, and succeeded in Brazil of breaking the world record for the sport, which is a phenomenal achievement. I uncovered a training video of his which is a fantastic glimpse into his winter training schedule over in South Africa. Well worth a watch to look at the variety of sessions he participates in over 48 hours. I felt fitter watching it and certainly inspired to get out and make the most of the Summer.

Hope you’re all out there keeping active, and being your best.



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