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A spring in your steps

4th April 2017

If we’re being honest, April is the month to kick start health based New Years resolutions. Once the clocks are on British Summertime, we have more daylight, and warmth, which breeds the motivation to get focused and get active. In winter, we naturally want to hibernate, to feast and rest, to get out of the cold, and ensure we’re healthy to ward off all the germs and bugs which seem to pass round all too easily. January is fine to set the intent, draw up plans and make some marginal gains, but unless you’re an elite athlete with the luxuries of warm weather training, the annual kick start happens around now!


If the streets are anything to go by, it seems like a lot of you are in agreement. I’m always heartened to see so many people out running and on their bikes. Cycling in Newcastle and the surrounding areas looks like it’s finally starting to catch on. And I suspect for a multitude of reasons – for one, it’s cheap and relatively easy (once you get the plan in place as I’ve mentioned previously), and unfortunately, the increasing levels of traffic are starting to mean that cycling is soon going to be the quickest way to get around. More positively, the North East is a fantastic place to explore on a bike, and it seems more people are discovering this, or rediscovering the joys of the bike.


If you are stepping up your training, make sure your steps are gradual, and that you adapt your stretching, fueling and hydration to accommodate the change in workload. The last thing you want is to do is miss these crisp Spring days. And of course, if you want to support your training with a course of sports massage to keep your muscles fresh, then please get in touch and we’ll discuss your plans and make sure we propose the most appropriate plan to help you #beyourbest.


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