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She’s So Soccer – Bootcamp, with Balls!

27th July 2017

I’m pleased to announce that we’re going to be sponsoring a new venture aimed to get women of all ages playing football. She’s So Soccer launches in August at Benson Park in Gosforth and it’s seeking to reach out to any women who’ve either stopped playing, or whom have never had the chance or the choice to play throughout their lives.


I love the simplicity of the approach, Bootcamp with Balls, and the appeal to anyone of any ability – expert or unknown. As someone who has played football over the years, I’ll definitely be dropping by to take part in some of the sessions. Not only have I been enthused and inspired by the Lionesses at the Euros, but I miss the opportunity to have a kick about once in a while.


Girls football is being given a big push by the FA, but for too many, there isn’t any opportunity to give such an enjoyable sport a try. To be able to dip in and out without making a commitment.


Starting the initiative at Benson Park is fantastic. The Bohs is a club I’ve been involved with for over five years, and they have updated a great facility with a new Football Foundation grass pitch, and Sport England have funded the renovation of the club house. It’s an iconic club and location in North East grass roots football, with almost 125 years of history, and it will be no surprise if it takes on further significance for the women’s game.


I’ll be uploading a series of posts to give tips when starting a new sport, or getting active again. And I’m offering 50% discounted initial one hour treatments to anyone who references #shessosoccer or #bohs1894.


I really hope this is another catalyst for Women’s football in the UK and continues the significant growth that the game is experiencing. Along with an England win at the EURO’s. #beyourbest. Go Lionesses!

Swim Bike Run

2nd June 2017

Triathlon season is upon us as the popularity of the sport continues to rise in the UK.

I’ve recently read Swim Bike Run by Ali and Johnny Brownlee, and as well as being a fascinating insight into their journey to London 2012, I was impressed with their approach to training and some of the factors which contributed to their success and continue to play a role in keeping them at the top. I’d advise grabbing the book if you get a chance, but if you haven’t, here’s what I liked about their story;

Team – we see the Brownlees as a partnership, pushing each other to the top. However around them, there are a number of friends and training partners who play significant roles in their success.

Variety – of course they have a plan for each week and an expectation of what they need to be doing. But they’re aren’t afraid to do different things to keep it interesting. They talk about fell running and mountain biking specifically which allow them to have different challenges.

Relaxed – I was surprised how their plans weren’t as precise or scientific, how they’d evolved over time based on availability and convenience. They knew how hard they needed to work and the miles they need to do, and had created schedules which worked around lives and were to a large extent, common sense. Their diets too had a degree of flexibility too. Yes, they probably couldn’t give too much away about some of their secrets, but they still had plenty of treats – most notably fish and chips!

Enjoyment – throughout there was a sense they were living the dream and enjoying the fundamentals of pushing themselves and being tested against the best. The media circus which surrounds the profile was an inconvenience. The simply loved the life that their athletic talent gave them.

And that’s about it!

I must be been receptive to Swim Bike Run athletes, as I noticed the exploits of former Olympic triathlete, Tim Don, who has progressed rather well over to Ironman, and succeeded in Brazil of breaking the world record for the sport, which is a phenomenal achievement. I uncovered a training video of his which is a fantastic glimpse into his winter training schedule over in South Africa. Well worth a watch to look at the variety of sessions he participates in over 48 hours. I felt fitter watching it and certainly inspired to get out and make the most of the Summer.

Hope you’re all out there keeping active, and being your best.


Contagion [kuh n-tey-juh n]

11th May 2017


def: the ready transmission or spread as of an idea or emotion from person to person:

example: a contagion of health.


If you’re reading this journal, chances are you are already active in some shape or form, and are either looking to optimise your effort further, or plan a recovery back from an occurrence of over-activity! Despite the prominence of elite sport in the UK and all the promotion we may be reading about the benefits of healthy lifestyles, too many people aren’t engaged and there sadly remains a contagion of inactivity. More people are choosing sedentary lifestyles, poor food choices and obesity over activity and long term good health.


I’d love to hear people’s ideas about we can all do to give people a helping hand towards healthy lifestyles. Towards lives full of energy. Embracing opportunities to get out and do something new. Eating and drinking foods which help rather than hinder. What can you do? What makes you decide to exercise? What keeps you motivated? How can you share your passion, enthusiasm and mindset so that others are attracted and find it contagious? How can you share your journey to support and inspire others?


How do we all make it easier for everyone to choose healthy lifestyles than not? I’ll leave you with a great quote I picked up somewhere…


“Those who think they have no time for leading a healthy life, will sooner or later have to find time for illness”

A spring in your steps

4th April 2017

If we’re being honest, April is the month to kick start health based New Years resolutions. Once the clocks are on British Summertime, we have more daylight, and warmth, which breeds the motivation to get focused and get active. In winter, we naturally want to hibernate, to feast and rest, to get out of the cold, and ensure we’re healthy to ward off all the germs and bugs which seem to pass round all too easily. January is fine to set the intent, draw up plans and make some marginal gains, but unless you’re an elite athlete with the luxuries of warm weather training, the annual kick start happens around now!


If the streets are anything to go by, it seems like a lot of you are in agreement. I’m always heartened to see so many people out running and on their bikes. Cycling in Newcastle and the surrounding areas looks like it’s finally starting to catch on. And I suspect for a multitude of reasons – for one, it’s cheap and relatively easy (once you get the plan in place as I’ve mentioned previously), and unfortunately, the increasing levels of traffic are starting to mean that cycling is soon going to be the quickest way to get around. More positively, the North East is a fantastic place to explore on a bike, and it seems more people are discovering this, or rediscovering the joys of the bike.


If you are stepping up your training, make sure your steps are gradual, and that you adapt your stretching, fueling and hydration to accommodate the change in workload. The last thing you want is to do is miss these crisp Spring days. And of course, if you want to support your training with a course of sports massage to keep your muscles fresh, then please get in touch and we’ll discuss your plans and make sure we propose the most appropriate plan to help you #beyourbest.

Party pre-season!

6th November 2016

How do you approach your training November?

As the last banger fizzles out on Bonfire Night and we have new Christmas ads to sell us stuff launched every other day, what better time to escape the onslaught and put in some extra sessions so you’re in great shape to get the most out of the festive season when training takes a back seat and it’s time to celebrate and party.

As the December diary starts filling up, make November full of your favourite sessions, work outs and routines. As well as exercising the body, it’ll give you time to escape, think and be inspired. What to get the person who has everything, where did you leave the decorations, will the lights for the tree still work, will you get in to that party dress, can you still eat mincemeat that’s been in the fridge since last Christmas!?

I love Christmas, and often it’s the time that I get out and exercise more. But I like the flexibility of knowing that I can kick my feet up and enjoy Home Alone, The Grinch and all the other fantastic Christmas favourites with everyone without feeling any guilt.

So lets get out, get active and be in great shape to party hard.


Try it, you might like it

11th October 2016

Every year I bemoan that Autumn seems to be upon us too quickly. The flip from warmer long days to gloomy skies and chillier winds. It certainly catches me out.


I wanted to share an inspiring training regime from a client who at this time of the year, seeks to try something different. Their regular season has come to a close, traditionally running, swimming and cycling, so while taking time to plan their schedule for the next year, they look for new activities to keep themselves sharp and use your muscles in a different way. Last years experience was Netball. This year he’s looking to play Basketball again after a 25 year absence stretching back to high school. He’s been inspired by Fab Flournoy and the Eagles!


As we plough on through the year, it’s all too easy to forget how many fantastic sports there are out there just waiting to be enjoyed. Some easier than others to pick up, but what’s for certain is that the learning experience will sharpen your mind and sharpen your fitness. And put a smile on your face as you embrace the test.


So here’s my challenge to you – try at least one “new” sport before Christmas. I’ll let you decide how you classify new. It would be great if you can share your experiences and inspire others to do the same.


Variety is the spice of life. #beyourbest

A Truly Great North Run

6th September 2016

I always love the build up to the Great North Run. As a non participant, you know it’s coming as the streets of the North East are awash with an increasing number of runners from the end of July. The sign appears on the Tyne Bridge. Then final few weeks sees a dramatic peak of runners!

Then the week after, it all goes quiet!

As a professional, I’m always thrilled when people make me part of their plans. Helping them get to the start line, helping them achieve personal bests, helping them recover.

I love the stories of why people are doing it. For some it’s a regular event. For some a one off treat or experience. So many people are raising money for so many great causes.

If I’m not there watching and cheering everyone on in person, I’ll be tuned in to see everyone make their way from Newcastle to South Shields and show the North East at it’s very best. The Tyne Bridge heavily laden with runners, the Red Arrows paying tribute, the crowds of support, the faces of pain and joy crossing the line in South Shields. So many iconic images which show off our region to the rest of the world.

It’s a world class event we should all be proud of. First to get over 1 million runners over the finish line, this year getting a runner from every country around the course this year, a British institution. Inspiring people to get fit and stay fit for decades. Thank you Brendan and your team.

So whatever you’re doing on Sunday, take time out to appreciate and celebrate the Great North Run and everyone running the 13.1 miles. Cheer them on, donate a few quid, then buy them a pint when they’re done.


Progress and perseverance

1st August 2016

What is progress? How do you measure your progress? How do you realign goals and targets when progress is better or worse? What keeps you going? What’s your motivation? From where you your draw your energy to keep going and striving? Why commit to progress in the first place!?


Stories of progress and perseverance keep me doing what I do. Ironing out aches and pains, refining plans, consulting on S&C, giving guidance, helping with prioritisation, finding marginal gains.


My job surrounds me with inspiring stories of goals, targets and perseverance. Every client session gives a new perspective on greatness and resolve.


Everyone is doing what they’re doing to be their best. Because that’s all you can be. Be inspired by others, learn from others, copy others! Then make it your own.


I have a client who is now into year five of his swimming journey. He’d be the first one to admit that progress has been slow at times, and his motivation and commitment haven’t been what they should be. But in the last 6 months, he’s really making proper progress.


I heard about an athlete who completed an ironman at his third attempt after two very close misses. That is dedication, perseverance, mental strength, commitment and the result of loads of honest hard work. Huge respect for that level of achievement.


As we sit down to marvel at the elite at Rio, look around at the people you work with, train with, socialise with. They’re elite too. Committed to a high standard and achieving their best every time they go out there.


So lets celebrate the whole of Team GB – from every day to elite.



Smells like team spirit

18th July 2016

Leicester, Iceland, Wales. Great players, Great managers, Great teams.

As pre-season training is upon those of you in football, how much time are you allocating getting to know your team mates and working together to align expectations?

Hard running and commitment isn’t just for July and August when the sun is shining. It matters most in January and February (and probably March here in the North East) when it’s a tough winter’s day, the pitch is heavy, and the opposition seem formidable. That’s when you find out what someone is made of. 90 minutes of selfless effort that sets up victories. Perseverance, endeavour, effort.

There’s a wealth of writing on great teams, here’s a few of my thoughts to help gather team mates who stand up to be counted;

1. Responsible. Whether it’s for washing the kit, answering text messages, filling the water bottles or covering for your attacking run, do your team mates do what they say and take responsibility?

2. Honest. Mistakes happen in football. You need team mates willing to put their hands up rather than look for someone to blame other than themselves.

3. Committed. How many of your team mates aspire to play every game? If a big night is on the cards, will they take a rain check to put the pursuit of three points first? Big seasons happen with big commitment. From everyone.

4. Resilient. Mental toughness. The opposition will be tough and want to win. How many stand up to a bit of sledging and give as good as they get? In any sport, you need to know how to win.

5. Creative. I’m not just talking about dress sense either – they are willing to solve problems, on and off the pitch to get the team functioning at its best.

6. Fun. Sport should be enjoyed. If it becomes too serious, it stops being enjoyable. Winning and enjoying it makes it even better!

7. Supportive. Teams look after each other. They care about their team mates. That’s what makes the success all the more enjoyable. A shared achievement.

What do you think of my list? Would love to hear your thoughts and any that should be added. Good luck to everyone working hard for the new season.

#beyourbest #vamosrafa

Who do you think you are kidding?

2nd June 2016

Wanted to share a fascinating article I read this morning about amateur doping!?

I’ve written before and will continue to write about the brilliant stories I hear all the time about my client’s honest endeavours, so I suppose this slightly shocked me.

When you line up at the start of any event, or lace up your trainers on a gloomy evening, the reality is that you’re racing yourself (unless you’re an elite athlete of course, with the eyes of the world upon you, and the promise of a glittering career of riches within your grasp…).

However, what unifies us all is that each time we choose to exercise or compete, we’re stepping up to the mark to see what we’re capable of. We may prepare in different ways, diet, sleep, regimes, coaches, kit etc to give us a marginal gain or two.  But the real race is the one with ourselves.

I hope this is a fad that fades into the distance and not a trend.

The real trend has to be more people getting out. Side stepping the quick fix and embracing the challenge to be their best.


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